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Rockery Branding Identity

Logo Design

Rockery delivers building materials directly to you from the high-quality sources at the best price guaranteed.  I was tasked to design the logo so I offered to embark on a journey of how the rocks are delivered from the source to understand how the business works.  You can find some images I collected as part of research before working on the design of the brand identity itself. 

4 characteristics of the brand came to me after the field trip is

1. Simple and Architectural

2. Efficient and Integrated

3. Builder and Crafter

4. Logistical

Below are pages of gathered reference as well as sketches for idea and first proposal of various directions.

The first couple proposals were shown and narrowed down to two directions: 

1. an integrated paths crisscrossing to show the delivery paths

2. a very simple triangular shape that get connected by circular paths. 


We ended up picking direction #2.  My thoughts behind the design is to simplify the shape of those rock piles I see out in the field and how the general circular paths communicate that rocks and aggregates are delivered to consumer, on top of that the service also helps take the leftover materials like dust off of the consumer's hand. 


Below are some iterations from very start to the final round.   

And finally we have the brand guideline below.  Thank you for your time!

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