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Cotton the First LLC

Branding, Product, and Marketing

As Founder and Creative Director, I'm responsible for defining the product roadmap and supervising the factories to meet the targeted quality, cost, and time. I also provide creative direction and support on production, sales, and customer loyalty marketing for all products.

Below are example of marketing videos ranging from product introduction, tutorial video, customer-centric campaign.

Cotton the First is about classic tailoring with an unexpected twist. 

Introduction Video of Cotton the First and its Founder.

Signature Prints

Taking ordinary ideas, drawing them into a picture and bringing them to life. Because you don’t need a lot, you just need a few great pieces. Showcasing the unique prints of San Francisco memorable culture, from crafted coffee to windblown umbrellas, I bring a modern take to slim-fit shirts.

Brand Illustration and Usage

I use illustration to connect customers to Cotton the First. An extension of the brand that tells stories through a one of a kind creation, emphasizing San Francisco as the brand DNA. I also adds a twist to the backdrop design by hiding shirts in it.  


You are invited to join in and see how many shirts you can find.


I use this illustration as part of the booth design, functioning as a wall backdrop that invites customers into the shop.


Real-world application of the backdrop at in-person popups.

Marketing Campaigns

From going behind the seams, to a customer-centric campaign like #DADSTORIES, I invited customers into the narrative and put their needs front and center. I owned and executed these campaigns from start to finish, increasing customer loyalty and engagement. 

Behind the scene video of the photoshoots that I directed for the shirt products.

Final product images can be viewed on

An educational video featuring my first generation mask design and how to put the strap adjuster back on. Currently at over 44,000 views, I'm very proud of this very simple tutorial.


a series of engaging videos, blogposts, and email marketing featuring 5 Dads customer interviews.

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Your shirt has a story: Truly Local Collection

Reduced demand uncertainty, waste, and returns with a preorder strategy that decoupled product delivery from the international supply chain.

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