I'm Charles.

Knowing no boundaries, Charles works across multiple media to take you on a journey.  With his team player spirit, he will be the first to get his hands dirty.  

Having lived across continents and currently based in San Francisco, he certainly has a catchy last name with a surprising meaning.  Ask him what it means.  In his free time, he is spotted in his own kitchen conjuring the perfect salad, or dreaming in Chinese to achieve his third language fluency.  He is also shaping the next generation of artists and designers by teaching at the Academy of Art University. Embodying a unique and international perspective, his work invites you to embark on a curiously delightful journey, best enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Charles’ style, color, and design is highly recognized by peers.  He is logical, solution-driven, and always getting things done with a wonderful human touch.  He has been indispensable in translating ideas into compelling physical and digital products for Electronic Arts, Disney, and government agencies.