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Digital Illustration

I'm often inspired by traveling and energized by the folktales. After I visited Halong Bay and the Red River Delta in person, I illustrated the story of how Halong Bay is formed. The Jade Emperor sent dragons to help Vietnamese people fight off those invaders by firing emerald stones at them.  The emerald stone cooled down and became the landscape of Halong Bay today. You will also see some of my sense of humor in some of these illustrations.

Textile Design


I enjoy creating art on fabrics using traditional screen printing and heat transfer techniques.  Now I know how much sparkle I can add to a heat transfer print using nothing but regular table salt!

Plein air Painting

Lifelong study of light

I love to take my painting kit out and doing some painting on location.  Here are some of my collections of paintings in the past year.  Enjoy.

Animal Side of You

Delightful Illustration for Friends and Family

Typically in asian culture, we associate people with a certain animal based on their birth year.  But as an emotional connection grows between friends, we start loosening up and associate each other with other animals such as "Little Rabbit", "Little Rhino", "Big Bear", etc.  To maintain a long-lasting and meaningful bond between all my friends and family overseas, I continuously send these out as presents, surprise postcards, or sometimes a pillow.

Environment Sketches

World beyond imagination

Have you ever wondered how a Veggie World would look like?  What would make up that world?  What is their economy like?  I like to ponder these ideas and design a world based off those challenges.  Below are some of the work I have done on my free time.  Enjoy!